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Hilma af Klint, De tio största nr 8
Hilma af Klint, De tio största nr 8.

What does the Project of the High Masters  mean to you?


All is one. The spiritual dimension of the universe is growing and evolving in the boundless All. Our material universe grows and develops in the spiritual dimension of the universe. Everything, including you yourself, is permeated and driven forward by the divine creative force that is love.

You are both spirit and matter. Your true Self is a part of the divine spirit born into the material universe to grow into a perfected universal Self. This development takes place when a part of the Self is born as a soul in a physical body. Perfection occurs when you have reached full knowledge of the spiritual as well as the material nature of both yourself and the universe.

Reincarnation is a prerequisite for the evolution of the Self. The evolution from an unconscious drop of the divine to a complete universal Self requires many physical lives. Your present life is just a link in a long chain of lives on earth, but every life is of the utmost importance to make it possible to reach the ultimate goal of evolution.

Karma means that loving spiritual teachers lead you forward in the school of earth. What you meet in life is designed to help you learn and develop, to solve the blockages and injuries you have accumulated in past lives, and to develop karmic bonds of love that will help you in future lives.

Evolution happens by its own inherent power at all levels. For your development to progress you need not do anything but live your life, accept all the opportunities for learning that life offers and develop your ability to love.

No earthly organization and no other human can control your spiritual development. The goal is for you to become your own Master and find your own truth, and the way to that goal only goes through your own inner Self. You have your own truth within you in the form of a soul that is a part of your universal Self, which in turn is a part of the divine Spirit.

God has never conveyed hatred and separation through prophets or chosen some part of humanity before all others. All such messages are propaganda created by humans. We are all children of the Divine that is love.

All humans have the same divine origin and participate in the same spiritual evolution. All humans have the same right and duty to develop, and the same ultimate goal - to become a perfected universal Self, a Buddha. The way forward towards this goal is to develop your ability to love and to clear away everything that hinders the power of love to work in you.