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Hilma af Klint, De tio största nr 8
Hilma af Klint, De tio största nr 8.

Who we are, where we come from, and where we are heading

All is one. Everything, including you yourself, is permeated and driven forward by the divine creative force that is love.

Your true Self is a part of the divine spirit born into the material universe to grow into a perfected universal Self.

• Your earthly personality is a child of the universal Self, life in a physical body is an absolute condition for the development of the Self.

• You are both spirit and matter. Your spiritual and material aspects must develop in balance.

• Reincarnation is a prerequisite for the evolution of the Self - every new life means a new class in the school of life.

Karma is about developing karmic bonds of love and learning lessons not yet learned.

Evolution happens by its own inherent power at all levels. For your development to progress you need not do anything but live your life, accept all the opportunities for learning that life offers and develop your ability to love.

In the final phase of evolution your consciousness will unite with its universal Self and find its way back to its divine origin in the spiritual dimension.


• Through the acquired knowledge of the spiritual reality the evolution of the Self is fulfilled, and it can return to its origin as a fully realized buddha.

• Your mission is to realize the goal of the evolution, to become your own master and find your own truth – and the way to that goal is only going through your own innermost.