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Hilma af Klint, Duvan nr 1
Hilma af Klint, Duvan nr 1.

Love opens the door to the kingdom of the Spirit

Love is the greatest and also the smallest. It is the reason of all; it is the building blocks of the Universe, but yet invisible and impossible to catch. The strongest force is impossible to weigh and measure. The unique role that man plays in creation has to do with the built-in gift to feel and increase love that has been stored away in every human being’s heart. Mankind is, in its strong yearning for love, a reflection of God. (The Text from the High Masters)

Love is both the means of evolution and its ultimate goal

In the Text from the High Masters, one learns that the divine love is both the means used for spiritual growth and the ultimate goal of development.

A mature love is a condition to gain access to the Kingdom of the Spirit. This love is both the means used for creating spiritual growth, and the goal that the search is directed towards. Love is the entrance-key to spiritual communion. The union is experienced in spirit and the Spirit is the visible aspect of Divine love as well as the invisible medium that ensures the unity of all.
God is love. The aspect of the Deity that goes out over the Universe is a perfect love, in perfect balance and harmony. It is the origin and the nourishment of all life, containing all wisdom. In the original source all knowledge is accessible to the one who reaches the pureness required to be able to draw from it.  (The Text from the High Masters)

The birth of the divine child, of the Spirit, in man is the greatest wonder humanity can behold

The birth of the divine child, of the Spirit, in man is in the Text from the High Masters, described as the greatest wonder humanity can behold.

The realization of the Divine, the birth of the spirit-child into matter is the biggest miracle humanity can ever behold. A seed of the Divine spirit is planted in a human and this human accepts the child and allows it to grow within its life, within its body. The Child of God is the one that grows in matter and the birth of this child is a Divine event. It is a miracle on earth. This divine conception, the seed that was planted within man is the sign of the covenant between God and man. This covenant of love is created through God’s yearning and love for man and man’s yearning and love for God. This alliance is fulfilled in mutual love. (The Text from the High Masters)

Love is the vehicle that eventually will bring us home 

The spiritual power, the love, developed through all lives, is the vessel that finally brings us home to our divine origin.

Love is the key that opens all doors. It is a God-given gift that facilitates the journey back home for the human children. This gift is implanted within a human being from the very beginning and it is through her journey through all the lives on earth, that she can let love grow to a power that can bring her back to God. “The Kingdom of God is within you” is an old truth. In every man lives the seed to a complete love, and each and everyone has the possibility to let it grow to a creating power. (The Text from the High Masters)

Heaven is realized on earth when one is united in love with the spiritual brothers and sisters of all dimensions

In the Text from the High Masters it says that, Heaven is realized on earth when one is united in love with the spiritual brothers and sisters of all dimensions.

The spirit that has grown strong enough to use all faculties of body and soul, will force its way out and search further towards other people with similar spiritual development, and eventually towards the great All. Now the human has reached a position where he or she for the first time can appease the hunger that has been the driving force through all ages. The joy and satisfaction that this gives has no comparison on earth. 
To be allowed to unite in love with one’s spiritual sisters and brothers, both those in terrestrial existence and those in other dimensions, is the highest happiness a human can experience. This is truly to feel the Kingdom of Heaven realized on earth. This opportunity has not been possible to realize until the humans have reached such a position in their development where they can override their own previous limitations. 
It is necessary to develop the ability of reaching outside of oneself in self-forgiving love to make this possible. The limitations of earthly existence have to be exceeded, and to enable this to happen, the humans’ senses have to be trained and refined and new faculties have to be developed.  (The Text from the High Masters)

The way of the Goddess of Love

Already early in my development in this life, I dreamt that the goddess, who had been buried underneath Christianity, was to be brought to life again and that I would take part of her gifts. Over the years, my path of development has in my dreams been described as the path of the women. But the dreams have also emphasized the male-female character of the divine power.

In a great spiritual breakthrough in the summer of 2001, the Divine appeared to me in the form of Inanna, the Sumerian male-female divine power, and the model of later love goddesses and -gods such as Ashera, Dionysus, and the Orphic Phanes. 

In the Text from the High Masters, it says that the humans’ attempts to obliterate the feminine Deity within and outside of themselves have hurt both themselves and the earth.

The Goddess, the feminine aspect of what is essentially one Whole, has been oppressed and pursued for ages. She, who is love, has been hated and her force has been condemned. But everything that has been suppressed will rise in even greater strength and power. The humans’ attempts to obliterate the feminine Deity within and outside themselves have hurt both themselves and the earth. Without balance between masculine and feminine, between strength and love, the world and the humans cannot live and flourish.
The spiritual aspect that basically is love has to have room if the humans should find peace and happiness. In a one-sided emphasis on power and success the deeper spiritual values will be oppressed. In the contempt of strength for what is weak there is also contempt for God and the creation.
When man puts himself in the place of the Creator, discord and misfortune will prevail on earth. In love, humbleness and respect for the power that penetrates and carries all in the Universe, is also love and humbleness for the earth and all that lives on it. Without the mildness and patience of love, egoism and lack of freedom will reign on earth.  (The Text from the High Masters)

The joyful message

In the conclusion of the Text from the High Masters, it is said that the old joyful message of the Mystery once again will sound over humanity.

The joyful news once preached on earth will once again sound over humanity. Love is the greatest thing and the conquerors will fight in Her name. She will once again show herself on earth, and in Her name joy and happiness will spread among the children on earth.
The Son of God who was begotten in Divine love will step forward as a dignified representative of his Divine parents. The power that brings forth all life will be manifested in all its strength and splendour. Nobody who is going to meet it will hesitate as to the Divine origin. He is always born on earth as a little child, but as a grown man the spirit of God will reign over the human being.  (The Text from the High Masters)