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Hilma af Klint, De tio största nr 7
Hilma af Klint, De tio största nr 7.

The Project of the High Masters

We have always taken part in the development of earth, but until now this has been completely hidden to most people. Today however, we are prepared to start to appear more openly, to give a more direct guidance and education. We cannot allow the development to go on as before now is the time to give our children a more direct help on their way towards perfection.  (The Text from the High Masters)
The project presented on this site is led by the High Masters who for unmeasurable times they have led Earth's development from the spiritual dimension. I who write this am Åsa Kleveland. I am a co-worker in the project of the High Masters and I am selected to live the High Masters' teaching in practice and communicate my experiences to my fellow human beings.

As shown in Hilma by Klint’s painting from 1907 above, the project of the High Masters has consisted of three phases. In the first, preparatory phase five women in Stockholm received teachings from the spiritual dimension and Hilma af Klint created paintings that would be used in her next life when the project was to be completed. In the second phase, scientific and other conditions were created to make it possible to complete the project. In the third phase, which started in 1999, the project has been completed.

The purpose of the project of the High Masters is to help humanity forward by bringing forth new spiritual knowledge to us. The message from the High Masters has two main themes.

The evolution and its completion
One main theme is about the evolution of the Universe and of our own spiritual Self and about the completion of the evolution. This theme is about what we humans really are, where we are from, and where we are heading. 

The target audience for the message about the spiritual evolution is the true seekers who are ready for the next stage of development and need a role model and a guidance.

The truth about the Tanakh, the Bible and the Quran
The other main theme is about bringing forth the truth about the Tanakh, the Bible and the Quran, This is about who really created the monotheistic religions' holy texts and why they did it. 

The target audience for the truth about the Tanakh, the Bible and the Quran is the whole world. This message has the power to disarm those who convey propaganda about holy wars and martyrdom from the Tanakh, the Bible and the Quran, claiming that these texts are God's own words.

The paintings by Hilma af Klint

Most images on this site were created by the Swedish artist Hilma af Klint (1862-1944). Hilma received the pictures from the spiritual realm, and through her medial ability she received information that the images would be used in the next incarnation when the entire work was to be unveiled. 

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