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Hilma af Klint, Altarbild nr 1
Hilma af Klint, Altarbild nr 1.

The return to the origin

In the life of every human being, there is a moment when one gets a glimpse of the great All and the laws guiding the Universe. To most humans this is a moment that passes fast and it is not accompanied by any lasting insights. But to some, this is the beginning of a new phase in development. One has started to approach that which is the final stage in evolution on earth, namely a consciousness of the Deity and a union with this Deity. The way towards a complete union with the All is long, but sooner or later the final stage of the journey will begin. 

This transition indicates that the earthly experiences are exhausted for this human and that a new phase has started where the exploration of the spiritual dimensions has begun. This opening towards the spiritual area is the peak of the human development. Everything before this is only preparations, or the laying of a foundation, for this great event. To be in closer contact with the one who has led the development is a great honour and this does not happen until man is mature enough to make use of the benefit and joy that such a contact offers. (The Text from the High Masters)

The teaching presented in the project of the High Masters is about evolution on both the universal and the personal level. With reference to Hilma af Klint's image above, evolution is presented as a process with three main steps.

The evolution of the universe

  • The origin of everything is the eternal All that is boundless love and infinite consciousness.
  • The beginning of the universe's evolution takes place in the Big Bang where the conditions for a new universe arise in the eternal All.
  • The new universe, symbolized by the tip of the triangle in the image above, already from the beginning has a spiritual dimension and contains the potential for a material dimension.
  • In the first step, symbolized by the left side of the triangle, the material dimension of the spiritual dimension develops for billions of years to eventually being able to harbor conscious life.

The evolution of the Self in the material dimension of the universe

  • The base of the triangle symbolizes how drops of the divine spirit are born into the material universe to develop into conscious Selfs by incarnating in life after life in a physical body.

The last phase of the evolution - return and consummation

  • The right, ascending side of the triangle symbolizes the final phase of the evolution of the Self. In this phase, the incarnated soul gradually returns to its origin via the level of the soul, the level of the universal Self and the level of divine love and of the masters. At the end of this journey it reaches the level of the divine consciousness. The ultimate goal is reached when she achieves perfection as a universal buddha and is able to return to the original source in the eternal All where all is one.

In this way, human life on earth is a prerequisite for our Universal Self to be able to evolve, reach perfection and return to its spiritual origin, thus contributing to the development of the All.

My own example of the final phase of evolution

The final phase of evolution for a human soul begins when all the experiences that life in a physical body can give have been exhausted. Neither the person herself nor any other human can decide when this point of development is reached. Instead it happens when one has reached a necessary level of knowledge of the material existence and a sufficient level of spiritual power. Through my experiences of the completion of the evolution, an example of the ultimate goal of the development for all of us here on earth has been created.

The journey back to our spiritual origin

The completion of evolution is a journey back through all the different levels of the material and spiritual dimensions of the universe that have been active during the evolution. In my example, this journey took the form of an ancient mystery with an initiation to each new level, an exploration of the new level and in the next step another initiation to the next level. Each step or level comprised one year of development.

The first level was the level of the soul, the second was the level of the universal Self, the third was the level of divine love and the Masters and the fourth level was the level of divine consciousness. The last great initiation was about the completion of the Universal Self in the form of an universal Buddha and a union with the Supreme Master of the Universe, which threw my consciousness back to the complete unity on the level of eternal All.