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Hilma af Klint, Duvan nr 14
Hilma af Klint, Duvan nr 14.

The level of Divine Consciousness

The Rainbow throne

The step up to this level was taken in an experience of a bright white light with a rainbow around which I had one evening of May 2002. In that experience, I came in contact with a whole new level of spiritual power. I interpreted it as a throne with a high spiritual power on it. Later I have found the strong experience of the crystal clear white light and the rainbow throne described in connection with Vajrayana Buddhism and in the description in Bardo Thödol of the rainbow-colored element that is the common force of all Buddhas.

Union with the Divine Consciousness

The steps to this level were taken via a first contact with the white cross that I saw in a vision in May 2001. In the spring of 2002 I had some contacts with a crystalline power, which culminated in May that year with the vision of a crystal throne that radiated a rainbow-colored light. The contact with this spiritual power gradually became stronger until my third major initiation in August 2002. This initiation took the form of a vision where I was the white cross and was associated with another white cross in the "rose" in the centre of the cross. I experienced the second cross as a high Master. This initiation was a union between my own universal Self and the Supreme Master on the level of divine consciousness - on the level of the Logos.

The book of explanations

From the autumn of 2002 until February of 2003, I worked with a summary of what I had experienced from autumn 1999 onwards. The result was a text that I named "Förklaringsboken" in Swedish, "The book of explanations" in English.

Vajrayana Buddhism

At the end of the work with the "The book of explanations", Tibetan tantric philosophy totally unexpectedly started to come to the surface. As an example, I had a strong contact with a dakini (a spiritual force in female form) in a nightly vision. I did not know anything about Mahayana Buddhism or the tantric philosophy at that time, and I had no idea that the dakini is particularly strongly attached to tantric Vajrayana Buddhism. In this philosophy, there are the three jewels or guardians of the doctrine. They are the dakini, the yidam (the meditation buddha), and the guru. The guru is Padmasambhava who introduced Vajrayana Buddhism in Tibet. I eventually came to experience spiritual contacts with all these three guardians during the spring of 2003.


In April of 2003 I had several strong visions, which I later understood were related to the tantric philosophy. On example was a very colourful and powerful vision of a Shivalinga. This image symbolizes the male-female character of the Divine through the union of Shiva and Shakti. A few days later, I had a powerful vision of a peaceful meditation buddha. Shiva is the greatest master of tantric philosophy and I have later understood that he sometimes is depicted as a meditation buddha. These visions pointed to the connection between different Indian philosophies, as well as to the tantric path where you as human being can realize your own divine potential.

Up to the blue buddha heaven

A few days after the vision of the meditation buddha, I had a spiritual experience where four "creatures" or rather forces held me captured. But suddenly they released their "grip", opened the fetters. I rose upwards through a wonderfully warm, sky-blue space. This was a message about an ascension to the blue heaven of the Buddhas.

Yeshe Tsogyal and Guru Rinpoche

At the end of the ongoing process, the last pieces were added to the puzzle that describes my past lives. The insight into a life of the 700s as Trisong Detsen, the Tibetan king and disciple of Padmasambhava, was necessary for me to be ready for the last major initiation. I also got information about the next step, for example through a dream of a child that was born and who could go and talk already from the first day. But since I did not know that these were characteristics that usually are attributed to a buddha, I did not understand consciously what was to be expected. And in hindsight I know that there was no need for a conscious preparation for what would happen, everything must happen spontaneously and by its own inherent power.

I also received a strong transfer of power as preparation from Guru Rinpoché (Padmasambhava) and Yeshe Tsogyal. It was the tantric power and philosophy that was active, together with strong karmic relations. A few days after this transfer of power and information, the last major initiation took place.