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Hilma af Klint, Mänsklig kyskhet
Hilma af Klint, Mänsklig kyskhet.

My life is a gift to humanity

The driving force behind all that I have written since the very first entry in my diary on the 16th of August 1999 and up to today, has been my mission to act as an instrument for the High Masters in the spiritual dimension. This was a relationship that I was completely unaware of then, nineteen years ago. Since then I have step by step become aware of it but even though it was later said in plain text in the messages that I received that I was the chosen one, the instrument that would be used when all the wonders should happen, it was impossible for me to understand what it really meant before it happened.

Åsa, you must listen to us now. We want to talk to you and to all people on earth. You are the chosen one. The instrument that we will use now when all the wonders shall happen. Your power is given by us, you serve entirely on our mandate, on our mission. We are one now! You do nothing of your own power, everything is our will. You have subordinated your personality under the greatest will and therefore you can be used in the service of God. In God's kingdom everything happens as intended. We have arrived at the destination now Åsa. You know and you have the power to act in your knowledge. All the toil will finally get its reward. We are with you every second now. You are ours! We love you and the ones in your group, you are our joy and pride. Everything will happen as decided now, just be attentive. You must not hesitate, you will know when it's time. (Messages from my Teachers, 21/1 2002)

Over the years, since the start of my strong spiritual development in August 1999, I have again and again experienced the unexpected opening of a whole new area for my work. Eventually, I could see that the work covered three main areas in the form of the truth of the Mystery about who we are, where we are from and where we are heading, the truth about the monotheistic religions and finally the truth about the connection between destructive occult orders in the beginning of the 20th century and New Age. When I worked with my latest book Kärleksgudinnans återkomst, my work with destructive occult orders - esoteric fascism - was brought into our own time and today's world politics. In the very last chapter of the book the three main areas of the work were brought together. It is all about the struggle of the spiritual dimension to convey truth of the mystery against the joint powers of the monotheistic religions and the esoteric fascism.

As always, it feels almost overwhelming when a new perspective opens, but at the same time I'm not longer surprised when a new powerful opening occurs. I am an instrument for the spiritual dimension, the High Masters, who work in the power you can call God if you want. I know that they only are working for the good of humanity and for helping us in our progress towards the completion of the spiritual evolution. A goal which represents a victory for love, democracy, equality, truth, reason and science over hatred, the worship of violence and the male power, the open and hidden oppression, the lie and the "alternative truths". I give thanks for all the love, power, and knowledge that we humans here on earth always receive from God and the High Masters. And I am prepared to continue to do my part of the work to help fulfill the plan that the High Masters have with the aim to raise the consciousness of us humans.

We humans are precious, and we are loved by our heavenly parents, they have no higher wish than that we should wake up to the full consciousness of who we are, where we come from and where we are heading. Receive this gift, that has been conveyed over so many centuries with a humble heart. It is the greatest sign of the covenant between the humans and God ever given to humanity. Like a pearl that is set free from its shell and put into your hands, you shall receive and venerate this gift. Amen. (Messages from my Teachers 13/5 2003)