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Hilma af Klint, De stora figurmålningarna nr 7b
Hilma af Klint, De stora figurmålningarna nr 7b.

The level of Divine Love and of the Masters


The step from the level of the Universal Self to the level of Divine Love meant that my consciousness passed from the material dimension of the universe to the spiritual dimension. The channel had been open already before, but now the contact between the dimensions became much clearer. The level of Divine Love also is the level of the High Masters, and in the third year the transmission of information and power from them to me was even greater than before.

The Text from the High Masters

The messages I received from the spiritual teachers became much more frequent after the experience of the manifestation of Divine Love in summer of 2001. During a few weeks late August and early September 2001, I received a coherent teaching from the spiritual dimension that I called ”The Text from the High Masters” (pdf). 

Direct teaching about my mission from the spiritual dimension

The messages I received in the autumn and winter of 2001 aimed to convince me that what happened was something unique in human history, and that I had been chosen for something special. But it was very difficult to accept this information. I did not think there was anything special about me and, above all, I had not yet experienced the goal that was spoken of in the messages.

You act in me and I act in you. You are an expression of my will, a word that has become flesh. You will convey my truths, give the humans the bread they have missed for so long. The bread that is my body, the wine that is my spirit. Let this truth go out over the world, when we are united in the greatest love, the body becomes bread and the spirit becomes wine. A spiritual nourishment for all people. I give of myself to all humans, if they only can learn how to receive it. You are my representative, the high priestess who prepares the sacrifice. You sacrifice your own for best of the great all now, and it is a sacred sacrifice.

It is in a sense a blood sacrifice, but everything that once happened in the world of matter now happens on the level of the Spirit. In our communion, we break the bread again and distribute the wine to all our brothers. You will perform the true communion, hand out the true meal of love. You can never saturate the physical hunger in the world and it's no saviour's task either, but you can saturate the spiritual hunger. You give of me through yourself and it is the greatest love, the greatest sacrifice. By subordinating yourself to the highest will, you have made yourself a vestal in the service of love. The fire of Vesta shall never be extinguished. The servants of the Goddess are those who let love flow out over the world.

I am A and O, the beginning and the end. I existed before the beginning and will always exist. The humans who give themselves totally to me and make themselves as tools in my service, will have eternal life. You are there now Åsa and you have all my love. Our desire for each other makes everything possible. You are prepared to do everything to reach a union with me, and no sacrifice is too big. This love and faithfulness shall be rewarded with the greatest love from my side. All wonders can take place in when we are united. Receive me in your body and you will become at one with God

"You are all gods." Nobody has understood this wonderful truth that I gave to humanity so long ago. You have finally reached an insight that makes the realization of this truth possible. By receiving me into your body, become one with me, you become a Goddess. But you also know that this requires the greatest humility and purity. This can never happen for own gain, for Mammon. The ego must be silenced for good before the great wonder can happen. I can never be united with what is unclean. The human being must have reached a level where I can act, but then everything is possible. All humans have this capacity, can reach this level and it will happen as decided. But the one who breaks the new road and goes as the first pilgrim in my footsteps, she is holy. Everything that in the future will appear to be easy is a major battle for the firstborn. It is all the breakthroughs that requires strength, when the new road is opened, everything becomes so much easier for those who follow. (Messages from my Teachers, 26th of October 2001)

Hilma af Klint, De stora figurmålningarna nr 6, Tystnad
Hilma af Klint, De stora figurmålningarna nr 6, Tystnad (Silence).

Union with the High Master

The message above describes the relationship between man and the divine and the union in love and happiness that happens when the Self reunites with its spiritual origin. The driving force for this contact is the mutual love and longing for union that exists with both the spiritual master and man.

To become one's own master

The development is about completing the development of the universal Self and that can only happen in a human life. The goal is to develop independence, self-knowledge, spiritual power and spiritual abilities, and when you reach that stage you are your own master. In January of 2002 I received the last message in this series of messages from my spiritual teachers. In the message, I was told that I was my own master now and that I was ready to use all my knowledge and all my abilities in the service of a higher power.