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Hilma af Klint, De stora figurmålningarna nr 1
Hilma af Klint, De stora figurmålningarna nr 1.

Proofs of spiritual guidance

The first part of the proof was created in the previous life

  • The spiritual teachers gathered a group of five women in Stockholm in 1896 and started the first phase of the High Master's project. Amongst the group was the artist Hilma of Klint.
  • The spiritual teachers executed the first phase of the project, which was about to convey a fundamental teaching about the purpose of the project and about spiritual truths to the five women, between 1896 and 1906. The teaching was carefully documented in the form of drawings and texts.
  • The spiritual teachers described the purpose of the teaching as twofold. Firstly, to bring forth the truth of the mystery - that humans once came out of God to be perfected and eventually must seek their way back to the same God. Secondly to reveal the truth behind the Christian doctrine.
  • The women in Stockholm were told that they were coworkers in a work aimed at conveying a message in the form of a new knowledge that would be brought to humanity in the future.
  • The women were told that this new knowledge rested on three bases; belief in invisible intelligences and conviction that the children of the earth are led to the best by these intelligences, belief that the forces that slumber within man are meant to evolve and reach the level of the perfected human and belief that real life not is the earthly personality but the divine life that lives in the unknown, deepest in their being.
  • The spiritual teachers executed the second phase of the project between 1906 and 1916. During this phase, Hilma af Klint was prepared for a mission in the next life where she would live through the teaching of the spiritual world in practice. Hilma got, through the ability of her soul to override time and space, insights in her next life and she documented that in a large number of paintings. She also received prophecies about her future mission from the spiritual teachers.
  • Hilma of Klint gathered and preserved the results of the spiritual education to the group of five women as well as her own paintings and spiritual communications, and decided that the work would be held together and hidden for at least twenty years after her death. It would then be made available to seekers of spiritual knowledge and be used in the continued work.

The first part of the proof was preserved and presented in the right time

  • The results from the project's preparation phase were preserved by Hilma af Klint's relative Erik af Klint after her death in 1944. They were eventually presented to the world by Erik and his son, Gustaf af Klint.
  • Texts from the spiritual teaching received by the five women in Stockholm between 1896 and 1906 were published by Gurli Lindén during the second half of the 1990s. The entire preparatory work was presented at the right time in the Millennium Exhibition at Liljevalchs at the end of 1999.

The second part of the proof was created in this life

  • The soul that had been prepared in the life of Hilma af Klint was reborn in my life to take up her role as a tool for the spiritual world and complete her part of the work.
  • A group of souls with great spiritual potential and strong ties from earlier lives gathered in a qigong school in Stockholm to contribute to the completion of the work, even though they had no conscious knowledge of their karmic relations and of the project.
  • The final phase of my spiritual development was initiated in August 1999 and it initially took place in the context of the group of souls gathered in the qigong school.
  • I experienced and documented the realization of the teaching that Hilma af Klint and her friends had received in the previous life. It was about getting aware of the Self and experiencing the perfection of the Self, as well as coming to insight about the Divine origin of the Self and experiencing how the perfected Self sought its way back to this divine origin.
  • I discovered and document the new truth hidden behind the established truths about the Christian doctrine, just as it had been predicted in life of Hilma af Klint.

All prophecies have been fulfilled

  • All information conveyed in the past life from the spiritual teachers about Hilma's mission and future development has been realized in my life.
  • All information from the spiritual teachers to me in Meddelanden från mina lärare (Swedish, pdf) and The text from the High Masters (pdf) has been realized, although it took many years.

The plan and our free will

If you look at the whole project, everything has been done according to an extremely detailed plan. But at the same time, we have always had our own free will. Nothing happens here on earth without our own will being ruling. The overall goal of evolution is to develop one's own power and will, meaning that one cannot wait for "signs" or let other people or spiritual intelligences decide over one's own development. But the soul and the Higher Self have a different overview than the earthly personality, and the great challenge in the last stage of evolution is to subordinate the will of the earthly personality under the higher will.