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Hilma af Klint, De tio största nr 6
Hilma af Klint, De tio största nr 6.

Realization in this life

An ordinary life

I was born in 1957 in a very small village in the north of Sweden. My parents had a farm and I experienced a very safe and loving childhood. I met my husband early in life and studied for a Master of Science degree. After I completed my studies, the family moved to a suburb of Stockholm. Through all of my career I have worked in the IT industry.

Beginning the way to the completion of evolution

in August 1999, a whole new phase in my development started without forewarning. At that time, I had no idea what was going to happen and it was not until several years later I fully realized that I had experienced the final completion of my development here on earth.

A spiritual breakthrough

My spiritual development started in August 1999 when I attended a two-day course in qigong. At some time during the second day of the course, I suddenly heard a female voice within me saying "you can continue from the level where you stopped". I was a little confused, I did not understand what this meant. Later that same week I participated in a common qigong training.

When we were training I had a strong out-of-the-body experience, which I later understood was a kundalini-breakthrough. In that experience, my consciousness suddenly left the body and the earthly personality and reached a level of complete emptiness. I did not understand it at that time, but this meant that the journey back to the origin had begun

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The first year - the level of the soul

The development during the first year was about developing awareness on the level of the soul and about cleansing on this level. I became aware of the fact that the soul has an existence that is independent of the body. This awareness meant, among other things, that memories of past lives began to come to the surface and that karmic blockages in the subtle energy body began to dissolve. I also received transfers of power from the spiritual dimension and the ancient mysteries began to come to life. At the end of the first year I experienced an opening to the level of the Universal Self. This was symbolized by a vision of how the soul voluntarily climbed three steps and placed itself on the cross.

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The second year - the Universal Self

During the second year, my awareness and my development moved to the level of the Universal Self. I became more aware of old karmic injuries and blockages from earlier lives. Through this new awareness, blockages were dissolve on the level of the Universal Self. I also experienced the confluence of my own and the divine spiritual energy, symbolized by the two triangles that forms hexagrams in Hilma af Klint's paintings and in the tantric vajrayanabuddhism.

My consciousness explored the material universe and finally reached the source of the Universal Self in the center of the universe. At the end of the second year the level of divine love was opened and manifested by a contact with the male-female love goddess - Inanna or Eros.

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The third year - the divine love

During the third year my consciousness was established on the level of divine love. This level is also the level of the spiritual Masters, which meant that I received direct instruction about my assignment. In the initiation at the end of this year my own consciousness was united with the divine consciousness, which is an incredibly powerful force.

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The fourth year - the divine consciousness

When the fourth year started, my consciousness was established at the level of the divine consciousness, Logos. This period was, without me being aware of it, a preparation for the final completion of my evolution in the material universe.

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Completion - The Universal Buddha

The long evolution through many lives and the strong spiritual development of recent years reached its completion in the summer of 2003, when the perfected Universal Self was revealed as being a buddha.

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Working to find the truth about the Bible

Immediately after my experience of the final step in the evolution in the summer of 2003, I received a new assignment in the Project of the High Masters. Now I had to try to understand which people had created the Bible and why they had done it. I documented this work in several books, and gradually gained a more complete picture of the origins of the monotheistic religions. See the book Sanningen om Tanak, Bibeln och Koranen (Swedish, pdf).  

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Working to understand the mystery truth about evolution

Already in the autumn of 2002, I started to document my experiences in a book called Förklaringsboken (Swedish). During spring 2003, this documentation continued in parallel with my own spiritual development until the completion of the evolution. In the following years, I alternatingly worked with the Bible's true background and my attempts to understand and describe the mystery I had experienced. The latest books describing my own development and the divine evolution are the books Fullbordan (Swedish, pdf) and Den stora omvälvningen (Swedish, pdf).

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Struggling with destructive cults

Already Hilma af Klint had struggled with destructive spiritual cults. In 1917 this battle also separated Hilma and her friend Gusten for the rest of the life. Hilma joined Rudolf Steiner and was caught in a futile battle in the 30's to understand the forces that eventually led to World War II through Steiners theories of spiritual "beings" like Ahriman and Lucifer.

I inherited Hilma's problem of subordination to false spiritual masters. My soul also brought with it karmic injuries from other past lives with spiritual oppression. Through my inner struggle with the cult of a false champion in the qigong school, and through insights from contacts with people from different spiritually oppressive contexts, I could finally dissolve my karmic blockages and become my own master.  My insights about Rudolf Steiner as a false master and the connection between his philosophy and Nazism finally healed the karmic injuries in my soul from previous lives.

During an intensive month in the autumn of 2005, I worked on trying to clarify the common ground for Nazism and Steiner's anthroposophy, which in turn was an important precursor to today's New Age ideas. 

I tried to describe the chain of events that led to the rise of today's New Age ideas, and the risks that one is exposed to when one joins a "spiritual master" such as Rudolf Steiner. The risks are both purely personal, like the risk of being hindered in one´s spiritual development and the risk of being hurt mentally and spiritually. But there are also political and social risks, as demonstrated by Steiner's a Threefold Social Order that spread a view of humanity and a policy that had the same foundation as the movement that came into power in Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. The result of this work became the book  Rosenkorset (Swedish, pdf).

The plan for the project of the High Masters becomes clear

As soon as my development started in the fall of 1999, I had a strong sense that there was a plan and that there would be some sort of upheaval. But this plan and its goals were completely hidden for me at that time. Over the years that went, when what was in the plan step by step was realized, the plan also gradually became clearer. But not even when I had experienced the completion of the evolution and reached the level of the Buddha, everything was fulfilled. It is only during the very last years, after i have fully understood the truth about the Tanakh, the Bible and the Quran, that I have been able to get a full picture of the project and the plan. A summary of this is found in the book Den stora omvälvningen (Swedish, pdf). 

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A proof of reincarnation

One of the results created by the project of the High Masters is a proof of reincarnation. Since the monotheistic religions reject reincarnation, while it at the same is the foundation of our entire spiritual evolution, a clear evidence of reincarnation has been created in the project.

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A proof of spiritual guidance

There are many misunderstandings and delusions about the connection between us humans and the spiritual dimension. These misunderstandings among others concern if there actually is any such thing as spiritual guidance and if it exists, how it works. One of the results of the project of the High Masters is therefore a proof of spiritual guidance.

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The project has been documented in several steps. Firstly there are results in the form of texts and images that were created during the preparatory period between the years 1896 and 1906. Examples of the texts conveyed by the spiritual teachers during that time are reproduced in Gurli Lindén's book "Vägen till Templet" (Swedish).

Between 1906 and 1916, Hilma af Klint created nearly 200 paintings called "The Central work" or "The paintings for the Temple", of which I have used some in my books and on this site.

As in Hilma af Klint's time, there has also been teaching directly from the spiritual world in my life. Direct information from the spiritual dimension has been communicated in. Meddelande från mina lärare (Swedish, pdf). I have also received a text that I called The Text from the High Masters (pdf).  

In addition, I have produced many results on the road to full insight and understanding. The documentation task has been a way of working that has continually led me to increase my understanding.  Since both my development and documentation work have been done in an iterative way, where every new turn in the spiral builds on the foregoing, there have been no major changes from book to book. Each new book has built on the earlier, but at a higher level of understanding. Because a very large amount of text has been created, I have only published the latest books on this site. 

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