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Hilma af Klint, Duvan nr 3
Hilma af Klint, Duvan nr 3.

The High Masters

The Text from the High Masters

One important step was taken when a text that I called ”The Text from the High Masters” (pdf) was dictated to me from the spiritual dimension between the 23rd of August and 6th of September 2001. In the introduction to The Text from the High Masters, it is said that this text is the first part of something that will eventually become an entire message to all mankind.

This is the first part of that which gradually will form a complete message to the whole of mankind. We have now reached the time when all prophecies will be fulfilled, all old promises met. The time of joy, which now is near, is impossible to imagine today but it will soon commence.
All journeys start with a short step, this one as well. Today something is going to take place that will be significant and influential for a long time ahead. The strivings of mankind will get a completely new aim and direction and a new era will begin. Each opening is difficult but the effects will gradually become visible. Let us just be heard again, and all can happen. Everything in the old prophecies will now be fulfilled. The Kingdom of the Spirit will be founded on earth and the hosts of God will come down for the last battle. It is not a war between brothers but a spiritual war that is near. Everything that previously has happened in the Kingdom of Matter now will take place in the Kingdom of the Spirit.
The joy at what is happening is so great here with us. Our efforts will be crowned with success and our great work will at last triumph.  (The Text from the High Masters)

The High Masters

It is described who the High Masters are in The Text from the High Masters,

Let us help you, open yourselves to our wisdom. We are the Brotherhood that during immeasurable times has guided the development of earth. Our existence is separated from the terrestrial, but we can also take a closer part in your development if necessary. Our great mission and dearest occupation is to help the children of the earth to progress. We love you as a parent loves its child, with a love that requires nothing for its own, but only looks to the best development of the great Whole. If we are able to facilitate existence on earth in some way, we will also do so. 
Our work is done with time-perspectives unimaginable to human understanding, but we are in a way unbound by the limitations of time. Still we cannot override the law of development stating that everything has its time. Everything has to be allowed to develop in its own pace and towards its own goal. We can only create the best possible conditions to facilitate this.  (The Text from the High Masters)

In The Text from the High Masters, the High Masters are also described as a hierarchy of forces that lead the divine power from the source and down to us humans.

No man can create anything Divine by himself, but a human being can be used as a channel or a medium to canalize the force from the source. A man cannot draw directly from this source of energy but the force must always gradually be led through thinner and thinner mediums down to earth. The all-embracing force is in itself so overwhelming in its power that humans only can receive it in a very diluted form.
The hierarchy of forces that constitute the Masters of the Universe are taking care of this diversion. They lead and distribute the Divine force to make it work in the best way intended. This is an eternal responsibility and nothing that is handled through some kind of human or personifying beings. It is instead different kinds of force-levels or phases of the all-embracing force. All is one but all cannot exist in the same phase. The force can have different density and different intensity in different phases.  (The Text from the High Masters)